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Nose Bridge: mm
Lens Depth: mm
Lens Diameter: mm
Arm Length: mm
Frame Width: mm
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Highstreetspecs guide

Why are prescription glasses so costly, simple answer is overheads! Most opticians are in city centres, with this comes expense, hence the pricing structures of their spectacles.


Your optician must provide you with a written prescription by law, don’t be pressurized into buying prescription spectacles from them – shop around like you do with most other items


The major players in the city centres have been very detrimental to online companies like ourselves; however now they are getting involved online – albeit in a poor way! We believe we will always be able to compete with them as their overheads are substantial and somebody has to pay for it --- YOU!


When having your prescription done, please insist on having your pupilery distance put on your prescription. The optician always measures this but leaves it off the prescription so hopefully you will buy your glasses at their practice. Don’t worry if they don’t put it on it’s a simple process, just check out the pupilery guide on the front page


Buying spectacles online is as safe as buying them in the city centres, we manufacture product for many opticians across the UK.


Will the glasses be suitable for me? There are various ways we can accommodate you! You can’t beat tying them on – check out our click n try, or fill out our spec match section, just measure your specs and the website will search for the nearest ones to suit you.


Lenses and coatings --- To be honest, this is where the real cost of a pair of glasses is determined! Buying online is by far the best way to save money on lenses. As your prescription increases then your lens becomes thicker which makes the spectacles look unattractive and uncomfortable. Checkout our prices for 1.67 and 1.74 (Thinnest) we just cant be beaten


Hard coating will significantly extend the life of your lenses – highstreetspecs supplies only hard coated lenses


Anti reflecting coating is an ideal choice for drivers, computer users and general office environment.


Postage costs – All highstreetspecs glasses are postage free, with the exception for click n try and International deliveries