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 Highstreetspecs FAQ`s

Q) How can you justify such excellent prices

A) Simple! We don’t have the overheads of a city centre store so all the savings achieved are passed directly onto you!

Q) What do I need to do to buy a pair of glasses online?

A) All you need is a copy of your prescription (ask for a copy it’s yours you’ve paid for it) then just follow the simple online procedure.

Q) How soon can I get my glasses?

A) Normally within 14 working days, however special lenses or pure demand may take up to 28 Days

Q) Can I try the glasses before I buy them?

A) we used to offer this facility, however our glasses are such great quality and such great prices - there really is no need

Q) What if I am not satisfied with my new glasses?

A) No problem! (Although we would be very surprised) we offer 100% no hassle exchange etc

Q) Can you do tints, UV protection, anti reflective coatings and Transitions?

A) We can do anything a city centre store can do at far cheaper prices!

Q) Can I place an order without doing it online?

A) Yes! , give us a call or alternatively send us your prescription and contact details and we can manufacture your new glasses from there.

Q) Can you reglaze my existing spectacles?

A) Yes no problem! This can obviously only be done via mail order!  just send us your prescription together with your old frame and we can quote you accordingly.

Q) How do I measure my existing frame?

A) Normally on the inside of your glasses there will be 3 figures! Use these figures in the Highstreetspecs spec match or simply go to the measuring guide section where it will show
you how simple it is to measure your spectacle.

Q) What size Bifocal do you offer?

A) We supply D25 Bifocals as standard, however we can do D35 and executive Bifocals at additional costs, just contact us for a competitive quote.

Q) Do you offer thin lenses?

A) Yes! We offer 1.67 and the thinnest possible 1.74, just tick the box and place your order online, we only use Essillor ( Best Quality)

Q) Do you do Varifocals?

A) We used to, but its not ideal as you really do need to get your measurements right -- call us to discuss because we may be able to accommodate !

Q) Do you do normal sunglasses and prescription ones?

A) Yes!  our glasses can have UV400 and tints in both Plano and prescription.

Q) What are you postage costs?

A) £2.50 for all UK

Q) What is a P D Measurement?

A) This is a simple measurement that the optician keeps to themselves, such a simple thing to do, just follow the online procedure – we would prefer to have it; however we can take an average of 63mm for a male and 61mm for a woman and we aint been wrong yet!

Q) How strong a prescription can you accommodate?

A) The online system can only accommodate what the drop down boxes say per chosen basket, however we can manufacture anything, please contact us by “e” mail and one of our advisors will get back to you immediately (We won’t be beaten on price!)

Q) What if I enter my prescription incorrectly?

A) Please contact us immediately! We will do our best to accommodate, however if your glasses have already been made the costs will stand!

Q) What if my frame needs to be adjusted?

A) Most spectacle adjustments are simple to do yourselves, however you can take the glasses to a local optician who will make the adjustments for a small fee (most do it FOC)

Q) Are all your designer glasses genuine!

A) Yes

Q) What are your methods of payment?

A) We use Paypal as the secure provider; the process also accepts all major credit and debit cards. We also accept cheques payable to Highstreetspecs.

Q) Do you accept NHS Vouchers?

A) Not at this moment in time.

Q) Can I order spectacles for someone else?

A) You can order as many pairs of glasses you like providing they are over 16 years of age, not registered blind or partially sighted and have a prescription within a two year period.

Q) What is your guarantee?

A) We offer 100% no hassle guarantee for 14 days from date of invoice on all plano products.

Q) Can I use my contact lens prescription to order spectacles?

A) No! It’s a totally different prescription.

Q) Do you offer postage refunds?

A) No!

Q) What do you do with my personal details?

A) Your details are solely used for Highstreetspecs marketing purposes only; on no account will these be passed onto a third party.

Q) Are all my credit / debit card details safe?

A) All your data is encrypted within paypal, so highstreetspecs sees no actual details of your credit or debit cards.