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Nose Bridge: mm
Lens Depth: mm
Lens Diameter: mm
Arm Length: mm
Frame Width: mm
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Designer Specs

Pepe Jeans Glasses
Pepe Jeans Glasses (0)

Pepe Jeans London was founded in 1973 and is now established as one of the world's leading denim brands. Internationally acclaimed for their fun fashion collections and contemporary denim wear, the Pepe Jeans Eyewear collection is filled with fresh, exciting designs in a rainbow of colours.

Playboy Glasses
Playboy Glasses (0)

With their Playboy's outstanding tempting bunny on each shape in sophisticated detail, of the enhance Mansion's style and glamour concept. After 25 years, Playboy Eyewear is back in the forefront, as a genuine point of reference for the generation most attentive to trends, fashion and dream appeal.

Joia Glasses
Joia Glasses (0)

New on the scene is Joia, a glamorous, upscale line of feminine eyewear that epitomises elegance and grace. Joia utilises the finest materials including Swarovski crystals, which highlight and compliment the design, colour palette and form of their timeless eyewear collection.

Ted Baker Glasses
Ted Baker Glasses (0)

Launched in 2003, Ted Baker Eyewear has taken the UK by storm and the enthusiasm continues to spread across the world. The quirky and distinctive collection draws its inspiration from the spirit of Ted; stylish, original, and like-life, never to be taken too seriously. Ted Baker says, “The secret of eyewear fashion is to lead, not to follow, but to never lead too far!”